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The legacy of training at Canine Country Club

Born from the necessity of well trained dogs, for the United States Marine Corp W. Bruce Coates, along with his wardog Duke returned from WWII, with a new philosophy for training. He believed that all the loyalty and discipline his war companion Duke had learned could be converted into civilian life. We are quite proud, of the brave and honored history, our training method follows.




For over forty-five years, Canine Country Club has been guaranteeing it's two week in-kennel training program. If at the conclusion of two weeks, we feel your dog is not fully prepared, we will keep your pet until he/she is ready, at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE. Ask other trainers for this promise... Subsequently, anytime you board your dog, we will review their training and address and new concerns.



Two Week In Kennel Training Program


Our two week in-kennel training is a comprehensive and intense course where your dog will be taught the five basic commands (sit, stay, heal, come and down). These commands will be followed both on and off leash. Your dog will also be taught not to jump on people and to wait before entering a doorway. At the end of the two weeks, you and your family will have a private lesson where you will first observe your dog going through the paces of his education. Then and equally as important, you will be given the tools you need to execute the commands. 








Private Lessons


A private lesson may be just what you and your dog need to address specific issues or to incrementally begin your pet's training.  Private lessons are a chance for you to work one on one with our trainer on the concerns you have. Lessons are scheduled by appointment to fit your busy schedule.


Group Training


Aside from the instructional valve, group training builds social skills and allows your pet to learn basic commands, in a fun 6 week course. Each week you will be given a new lesson and homework. Each week will build upon the previous until the final exam and awards.          


Puppy Training


Our puppy course, is designed, at a slower more playful pace; where attention spans are less developed. Great for building social skills, at a young age, our puppy course is a way for you to not only assess your puppy's abilities but your own. 


Our training philosophy does not promote or recommend bait or treat based response training. Simply put, we do not use treats to train. We believe, your pet's natural desire to please you is the greatest reward. 

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