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Q & A

We know you may have many questions...​

The following are common and some not so common questions we have been asked over the years. We hope they address any questions you may have; if not, call or visit us.

Q: What are your boarding charges based on?

A: Our pricing is primarily based on size. Some exceptions are breed and temperament specific.

Q: May we tour the kennel before we board our pet(s)?

A: Yes! We are proud of our facility and welcome the chance to show it off. We recommend you tour any facility before boarding. If a boarding kennel won't give you a tour during business hours or allow you on their property you should consider that a red flag

Q: What breeds do you raise?

A: Canine Country Club does not participate in breeding or the sale of pets.

Q: Is Canine Country Club also a veterinary clinic?

A: No, Canine Country Club is not a veterinary hospital. Though we commonly dispense prescribed medications for our clients we reserve the right to transport any pet that we feel is in medical need.

Q: Does Canine Country Club board pets other than dogs and cats?

A: Yes, birds, rabbits, turtles, horses and even the occasional goldfish. Some restrictions apply. Call for details.

Q: What things should I bring from home when I board my pet?

A: Most importantly, bring any medications your pet is currently prescribed. Toys and treats are fine but for hygiene and safety considerations we have restrictions on bedding.

Q: What makes boarding a better alternative to having someone checking on my pet at home?

A: What seems like an innocent idea can lead to disaster. An anxious pet can be destructive to the point of becoming a danger to them self and possibly escaping your property. Regular monitoring is also the best way to see any changes in mood which in turn can be precursors to onsetting illness.  

Q: Will my pet miss me or be lonely?

A: Typically, the long sad face lasts until you exit the front door; after that, the sounds and site of other animals is the perfect distraction to the blues. We often we hear that dogs know before they even arrive then drag their owners in the front.

Q: What should I do if can't pick up my pet on time?

A: If you extend your vacation, miss your flight or most usually get stuck in traffic, we will see you the next day. If you won't be returning for more than a day or two, please contact us. In most cases we can accommodate you but please let us know.

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